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Walk-In Tubs brought to you by California Doors and Windows would like to welcome you to the newest trend in bathing independence- The Walk-In Bathtub! A Hydro-Therapy walk-in bath tub is a specially designed bathtub that has an in-swing door, a custom molded ADA 17” high seat along with Hydro and Air jets. With a low sloped threshold under the door it is easy to step into the tub, close the door, and proceed to fill the bathtub with water. “The door is designed with a water tight LIFETIME seal that once closed allows you to have a nice deep soaking bath.”

Walk in Tubs are designed for seniors, people with challenges in mobility and disabilities, or anybody else looking for a safe and more comfortable bathing experience, Walk In Tubs offers you the perfect solution to taking a soothing bath. The Walk-In Bathtub offers safe and easy access into the tub, comfortable seating, the chrome levered faucets are easy to reach and turn and includes a chrome hand held shower fixture to rinse off with that will make your bathing experience safe and pleasurable! There is also a convenient ergonomically angled grab bar inside the tub and a slip resistant floor to add to your safety. The frame of the bathtub is a beautiful gel coat over fiberglass, included is a 1” tubular powder coated main frame for strength and durability and the water depth is nearly two and a half feet. Start enjoying a relaxing and comfortable bath brought to you by Walk in Tubs. Walk in Tubs is happy to offer you several shapes and styles of walk-in tubs. You can choose from our line of soaker safety tubs or add the “water massage” hydro and air jets to your new bath. Walk In Tubs also features unique options such as the Minute Drain, Aromatherapy, Chromatherapy and AirBath Massage Systems. All of these features will provide pain relieving therapy and increased circulation.

Bathrooms can be a slippery and dangerous place. This is why Walk in Tubs is proud to have several lines of tubs available for our senior and handicapped clients. If safety and pain relieving therapy is a concern of yours a Walk in Tub may be the answer. When seated inside the walk-in tub you are literally surrounded by water massaging comfort. There is no need to be concerned about the tub size; these walk-in bathtubs are available in various sizes and dimensions. California Doors and Windows has installed numerous hydro therapy bathtubs throughout the State of California. If you would like more information or a brochure about these bathtubs give us a call at 888-804-7775.

Owning a Walk-In Bathtub is the best solution if you suffer from joint pain, arthritis and poor circulation. These tubs also allow you to maintain your privacy and independence while you bathe. With our low sloped threshold under the door and slip resistant floor you will not have to worry about having an accident. Owning a Walk in Tub is like having your own personal Jacuzzi inside your bathroom. Everyone should own one of these fantastic bathtubs.

Indulge Yourself With Our Walk-In Tubs

Make Showering Easy and Enjoyable Again

The use of a walk-in tub does NOT represent a lack of independence, nor does it portray a sense of slowing down. Rather, Walk-In Tubs were created to help individuals celebrate and enjoy life. This state-of-the-art creation invites you to indulge on the finer things in life by making something as habitual as showering pleasurable rather than stressful. It is your perfect getaway, right from the comfort of your home.

Of the many benefits a walk-in tub may provide, hydrotherapy is often the most appealing to consumers’ eyes. California Doors & Windows offers a walk-in tub complete with 18 air jets and 10 water jets to soothe your aches and pains. Water treatment has long been distinguished as one of the safest methods of healing ailments related to medical and aging issues. Hydrotherapy increases blood circulation and reduces joint pain and inflammation resulting from rheumatoid arthritis by increasing blood flow. It reduces the effects of stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves sleep. In addition to the hydrotherapy treatment, you also get your own massage therapy sessions right in your home. The water jets deliver a strong pressurized force to loosen the tightness in your muscles after a long day. At the same time, the air jets offer a more gentle massage as streams of soft bubbles delight every part of your body. It relieves your back and knee pains, and gives those tired feet a break from standing all day long. As you enjoy the hydrotherapy of your own personal Jacuzzi tub, you are comfortably plopped on the custom head and seat pillows.

While the air and water jets provide you with the hydrotherapy and much needed massages, the other physical attributes of our senior walk-in tubs provide the safety and convenience necessary to enjoy the therapeutic benefits in the first place. Each California Doors & Windows walk-in tub comes with its patented 2/5” step up into the tub, the lowest in the industry. This design is intended to consider seniors and individuals with disabilities who have a hard time getting in and out of the shower, providing them with the bath safety they will need. Your hydrotherapy tub has a swinging entry door that is easy to open and close. Both the seat and the floor of the walk in bathtubs have a slip-resistant surface that makes sure you don’t slip. The walk in bathtubs also feature safety grab bars for individuals to hold onto while getting in and out of them. Our claims about our walk in tubs are not sales pitches. They are ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant.

California Doors & Windows offers walk-in tubs are that are fully manufactured in the USA. We offer superior quality at very, very competitive pricing. Why is this worth a try? The answer is that you will be able to enjoy the little things in life. Less stress. More safety. With your own Jacuzzi tub right in the comfort of your home, showering is no longer a task that you dread. Make showering easy and enjoyable again. The best part of it all is that we offer a full factory lifetime warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions

Walk in Tubs allows the user a high level of independence, safety and freedom while bathing. These fantastic tubs are unlike other ordinary bathtubs. You no longer have to step over a high rim on to a slippery floor to take a bath. The door is designed with a low threshold for easy, worry free access when you enter and exit the tub. The floor has an advanced slip resistant coating that has been laboratory tested for your safety. Walk in Tubs also include an ADA approved ergonomically angled grab bar that increase’s your safety.

If you suffer from poor circulation, arthritis or joint pain the soothing warm water along with the hydro and air jets will help you relax in comfort while your pain is washed away. We take pride in our product knowing that they directly impact and promote health. Our products use the finest materials, have the highest quality standards and are built right here in the United States. We are dedicated to servicing you with a first-rate product at an affordable price.

The features and hardware of our products create an elegant aesthetic appeal in your bathroom while serving a functional purpose of an unassisted, independent and convenient bathing experience.

DO NOT purchase a Walk in Tub that is not CERTIFIED.

If you purchase a walk in tub that is NOT CERTIFIED you will be exposing yourself to several risks which include flooding, fire and electrical shock.

All of California Door and Windows Walk in Tubs have been tested for door seal efficiency, Fire retardation, electrical connections, strength and durability. All of our tubs carry IAPMO, UL and UPC Certifications.

DO NOT purchase a Walk in Tub that is not CERTIFIED.

All California Doors and Windows Walk in Tubs carry IAPMO, UL and UPC Certifications. Inside the tub is an ADA approved ergonomically angled grab bar that helps enable your security while getting up and down while you are in the tub. A 17” custom designed seat with hydro and air jets will keep you comfortable and secure during your bathing experience. The door handle is built for easy locking and unlocking operation and the chrome levered faucets twist effortlessly for your convenience.

Absolutely, with over 30 years of experience as a Licensed General Contractor, the installation teams of California Doors and Windows will take the pain out of the installation process for you, our customer. Our tubs are designed to be retro fitted where your current tub exist. We have installed thousands of walk in tubs; our process is easy and accomplished quickly.

When the door is closed and latched it compresses a water tight rubber seal around the entire door system which has been tested several times before it even leaves the factory. We are so proud of our door system; we stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee.

Of course you can. We have a specially designed, easy access, chrome hand held shower nozzle that is integrated right inside the system next to the beautiful chrome faucets.

Our tubs are manufactured out of a one piece fiberglass shell that has been reinforced with additional laminated sides and covered with gel coat. Under the bathtub frame is a powder coated stainless steel main frame for additional support with adjustable legs for easy leveling.

You don’t have to; with over 30 years of experience as licensed General Contractors we can install our tubs for you. If you want to; we can assist you in hiring a licensed plumber and electrician. Our tubs are designed for retro fit application, which means the installation process is simple, easy and quick.

Beautiful!! Go to our installation pictures and decide for yourself.

Lifetime on the water tight door seal. 10 years on the tub, faucets, features and components.

Since we are not a Big Box Retailer we do not have a high overhead. Therefore are prices are set to pass the savings on to you, our customer.

With all of the therapeutic benefits and safety features designed into our tubs, our Walk in Tub is the best and most affordable walk in tub that you can purchase.

Even years ago, the Greeks and the Romans were aware of the many benefits baths provided. The Romans bathed to keep themselves healthy while the Greeks viewed baths as a cleansing ritual before or after a day’s work and even before battle. These benefits still stand today, with baths offering the comfort and relief essential to alleviating stress and to the soothing of muscles.

Walk-in tubs can offer these same benefits to non-ambulatory bathers. These tubs are designed with an emphasis on safety and ease of use while still creating a luxurious environment for its users. Entry into the tub is easy, with users being able to walk in without having to raise their foot more than a few inches off the floor. The built-in cushioned seat gives bathers that are unable to stand the independence to bathe themselves and it also provides a comfortable place to sit and bathe, thus taking weight off joints and muscles. Other features of walk-in tubs include safety rails both inside and out, slip resistant flooring, a hand-held shower head and adjustable air and hydro jets that can provide localized comfort.

Do you love taking baths but struggle to get into them?

Then Walk-in Tubs are for you. California Doors and Windows can add comfort to your bathing experience by installing a Custom Walk-in Tub in your home.
  • Manufactured in America – All American Parts
  • Lifetime Written Documentation Warranties on all Parts and Installation
  • Patented 2 1/2″ or less entry step – Exclusive to the Diamond Elite
  • No Weight Limit
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Adjustable Air and Hydro Jets
  • Deluxe Chrome Roman Tub Faucet set (comes standard)
  • Easy Turn Auto Drain
  • American Aquaheat System (uses No Electricity)
  • Grab Bar/ Neck Pillow/ Seat Cushion (comes standard)
  • Slip Resistant Floor
  • One Piece Construction Door with Easy to Open Door Latch
  • Fits into Standard Bathtub Space (comes with extension panel)
  • Maintenance Free
  • Custom Manufactured in 5 Days/ Ships in 3 – 5 Days/ 10 – 14 Day Lead Time
California Doors and Windows Walk-In Tubs offer you more than just its physical attributes. Look deeper, and you will discover our walk in bathtubs have a soft spot. Whenever you need to relax, our Walk-In Tubs offer comfort and understanding. The bath safety bars and slip resistant floor make sure you get in and out safely. Your walk-in tub realizes that you need some “ME-time” after a long day, so it prepares this important time of your day with a comfortable neck pillow and seat cushion for you to relax your muscles while the hydro jets gently massage every inch of your body.

These features of walk-in tubs make it feasible for non-ambulatory users to experience the therapy and comfort of bathing but more importantly, walk-in tubs provide independence and dignity to those who had to previously rely on others for many their needs.

Baths offer getaways from long commutes, stressful workdays and the noise of everyday life and walk-tubs make it possible for everyone to independently enjoy these moments of luxury.

Your new Walk-In Tub will be your best friend. Showering has never been so easy, safe, and comfortable. GET YOUR WALK-IN TUB TODAY!

Call today at 888-804-7775 for your free estimate!

0% financing options available

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Sam & Carol

We are very pleased with our new Superior Windows. We are especially pleased with the restucco. You matched the texture and color to the existing stucco perfectly.

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The installers were very professional and did an excellent job on the installation.

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer

We just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for doing such a great job on installing our 16 foot French sliding door, 96" picture window, and 48" double hung window. The eight foot opening on our French slider is awesome!!

Joe Vandrovec

I appreciate your professional and “no-pressure” approach from the start. I without a doubt will recommend to my friends and neighbors to use California Doors and Windows when searching to update their homes

Art Kochman

I like my windows - the appearance, the fit, the features such as safety locks, and the provision to wash the outside from the inside.

Sancy Wu

I wish to express my sincere thanks for such a great job you have recently done in installing14 windows plus two 8’ sliding doors at our house. The contract was drafted and signed shortly after we gave Mike the details of what we wanted. The price Mike quoted beat the others we looked at earlier. I felt the deal was done in a professional and practical manner with no wasted time.

Clifferd R. Helwig

Your company’s professionalism is greatly appreciated. Be assured that I will most certainly call you again for future jobs. Again, thank you.

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I must say that I have dealt with many contractors during my working life, but never had I seen such teamwork as your people. The work was done in a top notch professional manner, very knowledgeable, effective, timely, and extremely clean and to say the least just a group of hard working guys.

John and Barbara Huber

Their workmanship and quality of product was outstanding and completed as quoted. All terms and conditions agreed to were honored and the installation ran right on schedule.

Louise Peraza

Thank you for all you have done for me. You take the sting out of doing business with dirty contractors

Ann & Gabe Ramirez

Just a note to let you know how great our new windows are. By putting those windows in, we lowered the temperature in our loft by 12-15 degrees. What a difference! I also wanted to thank you for the prompt service. It’s nice to see the quality work of the past still being done.

Julie & Bill Hinkley

We love the way the cement patio was done. Several of our neighbors have given compliments since. It looks great! We are completely and totally impressed with the quality of work put into it.

Ed Petucka

Mike was easy to work with and fair when it came to problems as the work progressed. He also followed up well when problems occurred with subcontractor’s work. I would recommend Mike for any home remodeling that you may need.

Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Wingert

The installation was fast, clearly professional and we were most favorably impressed when we noted the frequent use of a portable vacuum to pick up the debris left from the removal of each aluminum window. Our experience with California Doors and Windows was a complete success.

Jeanne Kressler

I am very pleased with the windows you installed. The rooms are so much lighter and brighter and cooler too in this heat. I no longer have to be concerned about fading color in rugs and furniture. Since I moved here a year ago, I’ve make numerous improvements but the new windows have added the most in comfort and attractiveness.

Winston B. Whittemore

Every crew member was cooperative and performed in a professional manner. I especially appreciated the thorough clean up upon completion of the patio.

Sally Bencangey (Rancho Bernardo)

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you did on our door installation. Your work and service was very professional, I would gladly recommend you to any of my friends.

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The seven vinyl windows your company installed in our house are beautiful...I highly recommend your company to all my friends and family. If we need any other home improvements, we will be sure to contact your firm.

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We love our new tile roof, and the custom windows & patio doors thru out our home.

Jeffrey J. Dicks

I can’t thank you and your crew enough for such skillful, courteous and dependable work. I will be forwarding photographs of the beautiful windows, French door with side lights, and French door that your company has supplied and installed for us in our home. The pictures cannot illustrate the beauty and craftsmanship that we enjoy everyday thanks to your service.

Deborah F. Boice

My husband and I would like to thank you and your Father for the wonderful job you did converting our master bedroom retreat into a bedroom for our new baby. The job was done in an efficient and timely manner with minimal disruption to our family. The end result was a nice addition to our home.

John and Barbara Huber

Their workmanship and quality of product was outstanding and completed as quoted. All terms and conditions agreed to were honored and the installation ran right on schedule.

Frayda and Igal Mimon

Your work was done in a timely and efficient manner. You were prompt in returning calls, showing up for appointments and your installers were most courteous. All in all, we couldn’t have been more pleased once the job was completed.

Spencer Pablo

The service I received from your company was amazing. I have worked with many contractors, but working with your Company was the best experience.

Elayne P Bendel

Although I bought the windows primarily for the heat and UV protection, I am even more thrilled with their appearance. The quality of the product is excellent. Even with the hot summer we’ve had, the windows have cut down the interior heat quite a bit. I would certainly recommend these windows and your company to my friends and neighbors.

Patricia Lindquist

I recently had California Doors and Windows plan and install a patio door in my Banker's Hill condo. I highly appreciated the work, beginning with arriving promptly for the estimate, measuring, and ordering of the door which was delivered exactly as planned.

Dianne Lohan

The windows turned out beautiful and the attention to detail and cleanliness was appreciated.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gordon

The installers were very professional and did an excellent job on the installation.

Hugh and Joanne Armstrong

We would like to thank you for the great job that you and your employees did in installing the new windows and sliding doors in our home. The installation was done in a very professional manner and the two bay windows look like they were put in the same time the house was built. Your overall excellent contractor skills are evident in your work.

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