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About Vinyl Windows

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If you are seeking high-quality vinyl windows at affordable pricing, you have found the right place.

All California Doors and Windows vinyl windows are made with the following features:

  • Multi-Point, fusion welded corners for strength and beauty
  • Aluminum reinforced interlocking rail
  • Argon or Krypton gas
  • Custom sizing
  • Positive action and cam locking action
  • Warm edge insulated glass units for increased resistance to thermal transfer and condensation
  • Super Spacer and Intercept Spacer units
  • Custom pull rail on vent sash
  • Tandem nylon rollers
  • Spiral and Block and Tackle balance systems
  • Deep pile, Mylar fin seal weather stripping
  • Glazing options; Clear, Low E2, Low E3, Grey, Bronze, Solar Cool Bronze, Obscured and Tempered Safety Glass

California Doors and Windows prides itself in meeting higher expectations for appearance, strength, energy efficiency and durability.

California Doors and Windows Styles & Shapes: Single Hung, Arch Top Single Hung, Double Hung, Horizontal Slider, Picture Window (direct set or equal lite), Casements, Awnings, Hoppers, Trapezoids, Gardens, Bays, Bows and Specialty Shapes.

  • Colors: White, Almond, Taupe
  • 3” Multi Chambered Extruded Frame for thermal and structural performance
  • Low E tint standard on all windows
  • Equal sight lines for architectural aesthetics
  • Multiple grid options include; 5/8 or 13/16 inch flat in between the glass grids, 3/4 inch sculptured in between the glass grids or 1 inch sculptured simulated divided lite grids
  • Multiple frame options including integrated stucco key or J-channel frames and a flush fin retrofit frame option.

California Doors and Windows “TOP OF THE LINE” Series combine superior design and quality with broad flexibility in colors and options for vinyl windows to complement any décor by creating a beautiful appearance and combining unique design with energy efficiency.

  • Styles: Double hung tilt, single hung, arch top single hung, horizontal slider, casement, awning, picture window (direct set or sash and frame) and specialty shapes
  • Unique beveled-in exterior frame creates depth and interest
  • Standard equal-lite design offers clean sight lines that is more appealing
  • Colors: White, Almond and Taupe
  • Exterior Colors: New SuperCap® color technology in Bronze, Evergreen and Autumn Red; each with a white interior
  • Color matched locks include the SentryLock design with magnetic positive action that features and audible click to ensure the window is locked. A visual unlocked indicator provides a visual cue when the window is unlocked. A cam lock option is also available.
  • Sturdy 3 1/4″ frame depth is perfect for retrofit and new construction projects
  • Multiple chamber frame with four strategically placed air spaces for added thermal performance and structural integrity
  • Hidden accessory groove maintains a clean appearance and zips out for special attachments when necessary
  • Multiple grid options include; 5/8 or 13/16 inch flat in between the glass grids, 3/4 or 1 inch sculptured in between the glass grids or 1 inch sculptured or beveled simulated divided lite grids for a more traditional look
  • Dual wall glazing tower on vent sash for added thermal performance

  • New Construction

    In the window business, vinyl main frames come in three different styles, block, retrofit and new construction. New construction main frames have an integrated nail on fin for easy installation. Moist stop flashing paper is installed on the bottom and sides of the rough opening, the nail fin is caulked around the perimeter, the window is set in, nailed up plumb and level then another piece of moist stop flashing paper is stapled at the top over the nail fin of the window. CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS offers a wide range of windows to fit any new construction budget.


    Replacement or retrofit is an installation process where the windows have a 1 7/8” retrofit fin used for flashing purposes. The windows sashes of the existing windows are removed and the existing window main frame remains intact. The vinyl retrofit windows are sealed with polyurethane or silicone behind the fin, set in and screwed off to the framing timbers of your home. The outside of the fin is sealed with a paintable caulking while the inside of the window is sealed again with spray foam polyurethane and covered with a vinyl flat stock.

    Below are some fantastic reasons why you would want to replace your old single pane windows.

    Save Money on Energy Bills

    If you have old single-pane windows, upgrading to CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS replacement windows with energy efficient features like double-pane, LOW E2 and LOW E3 glass will result in unbelievable year-round savings.

    Improve Your Home’s Appearance

    Let’s face it; the ascetic appearance of your home is of utmost importance to a home owner. We have a vast selection of shapes and styles along with different hardware options to fit your needs. Our windows can assist you in creating beauty throughout your home.

    Increase Ventilation

    Homeowners should not take for granted the ability to operate and open their windows. By achieving proper air circulation, your home will become much more pleasant and comfortable, therefore achieving a higher quality of life for your family in your home. New windows can be one of your homes most attractive and elegant features. By purchasing and installing new windows you will increase the value of your home, achieve proper ventilation, have amazing curb appeal and gain natural light throughout your home. Available shapes and styles include; trapezoids, full and half rounds, squares, rectangles, triangles and octagons.

    Windows that ventilate are available in horizontal sliders, single and double hung, casements, awnings and hoppers.

    There are a number of important factors when choosing the correct styles and shapes for your home.

    • Which way will the vents operate to increase proper ventilation
    • What windows will have the best ascetic appearance
    • Which windows require egress
    • Which windows need to conform to temper codes
    • Where is the correct location for the window

    Whether you are remodeling or building a new custom home, your windows should complement the design of your house. Homes come in several different architectural styles, it is crucial that your window styles fit the architectural style of your home.

    Matching Window Styles and Shapes to Fit Your Home

    You have a wonderful home but your windows are outdated, cold in the winter, hot in the summer, the locks don’t work, the sashes don’t slide and they are noisy. You want to replace them but do not know the correct applications to fit your needs. Here are some helpful hints to assist you in choosing the right windows to fit your homes architectural style.

    • Horizontal Sliders can slide in either direction or both sashes can slide. They are great for ventilation and appearance.
    • Single Hung windows open from the bottom and are fixed at the top. It is a traditional style for contemporary homes where the window is taller than it is wide.
    • Double Hung windows are very similar to the single hung, both sashes slide up and down while they also tilt in for easy cleaning.
    • Oriel windows are designed where the bottom sash slides and the mullion is set at approximately 1/3 of the total height of the window. The other 2/3 of the window is a fixed sash.
    • Geometric windows are special shapes like trapezoids, octagons, half rounds and triangles.
    • Picture windows are fixed windows that do not open but bring in natural light.
    • Bay or bow windows protrude out, are a combination of several windows mulled together and give an appearance of increased square footage.
    • Garden windows protrude out at a 90 degree angle, usually are found in the kitchen and come with a shelf for plants and knickknacks.

    Sound Control Windows

    If you live near a busy intersection, next to a freeway, highway or airport, or have noisy neighbors, a great solution to decrease the sounds entering your home is to purchase and install sound control windows. Sound control windows will not eliminate all of the noise coming from the exterior but they will substantially decrease it, therefore providing you with a more pleasurable environment. The two most important ways to decrease noise penetration are the thickness of the glass and the size of the air space between the glass panes. Laminated glass is two sheets of glass glued together like the windshield of your car. Unequal glass is where the outside sheet of glass is thicker than the inside sheet of glass on an insulated glass unit. By purchasing laminated or unequal glass you will definitely increase you STC Rating and reduce the unwanted noise that disturbs your peace of mind. STC Rating stands for SOUND TRANSMISSION CLASS. STC is a single-number rating of a material’s or an assembly’s ability to resist airborne sound transfer at the frequencies 125-4000 Hz. The frequencies 125-4000 Hz is consistent with the frequency range of speech.  If you’re looking for the best in performance and appearance, check out our California Doors and Windows sound control windows.


    Single hung windows are great for ventilation without intruding into walkways, porches and corridors since they open up instead of out. CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS single-hung windows have passed forced entry industry standards with our secure cam lock or positive action locking systems.

    The sash is supported with our block and tackle or spiral balancer systems for easy operation.  Single-hung windows are similar but different from double hung windows since the bottom sash is operable and the top sash is fixed.

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows are typically used in architectural styles such as French, Prairie, Tudor, Ranch and Contemporary. They can be installed above doors, in clear story walls and above or below other windows for ventilation without sacrificing privacy. They are similar to casement windows since they both hinge, they are usually wider than they are tall and they are hinged at the top to allow the bottom to open up towards the outside of the home. Our locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability. The handle folds neatly into the base while offering a clean appearance that won’t obstruct blinds and shutters. The hardware can be color matched to the window or you can select from several popular metal finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rub Bronze.


    Casement windows are very similar to awning windows, both are hinged but rather than being hinged at the top like awning windows, casement windows are hinged on the sides. Casement windows fit into several architectural styles such as French, Prairie, Tudor, Ranch and Contemporary. They are usually taller than they are wide and offer 100% ventilation. Our locking hardware offers multi-point locking capability. The handle folds neatly into the base while offering a clean appearance that won’t obstruct blinds and shutters. The hardware can be color matched to the window or you can select from several popular metal finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Oil Rub Bronze.


    Double hung windows are similar to single hung windows but instead of only the bottom sash opening, both the top and bottom sashes open and also tilt in for easy cleaning. They are great for ventilation without intruding into walkways, porches and corridors since they open up and down instead of out. Double-hung windows are usually found in traditional architectural styles such as Craftsman, Shingle, Victorian, Colonial and French.

    Horizontal Sliding Windows

    California Doors and Windows Energy-Saving Sliding Windows feature effortless, ergonomic designs for modern and traditional homes. Two pairs of brass rollers on each fully operational sash effortlessly glide within the reinforced rail system.

    California Doors and Windows offer an alternative to the double-hung when your architecture calls for a classically styled window that slides from side to side rather than up and down. Each sash of California Doors and Windows Sliding Window simply lifts in for easy cleaning, available in both two-lite and three-lite sliders.

    Picture Windows

    Picture Windows are a great choice if you are looking to incorporate the natural beauty of the outdoors with your home’s décor. They are stationary windows that provide a clear view of the outdoors and can be combined with other window types to achieve a balance of ventilation and light.

    Whether you are looking to re-decorate or to become more energy efficient, focusing on the possible types and placement of windows in your home are great ways to combine style and practicality to create a living space best represents you.

    Fixed windows cannot be opened and provide unobstructed views. They can be used by themselves or grouped together with other styles of windows.

    Horizontal Slider (single-, double-vent)

    Horizontal sliders offer single venting or double venting sashes referred to as XO, OX or XX and slide along the bottom sill of the window. Horizontal sliders are traditionally found in architectural styles including: Prairie, Tudor, French, Ranch and Contemporary.  They open and close horizontally and are often used for ventilation and egress purposes.

    An XOX window is comprised of two outside venting sashes sliding towards the fixed pane in the center of the window. A double vent window is typically divided in 1/4-1/2-1/4 increments or 1/3-1/3-1/3 increments. California Doors and Windows horizontal slider windows come with our cam and positive action locks, all built to exceed every industry standard for forced entry. Our high-quality adjustable tandem nylon rollers are designed for easy operation and help line up the reveal between the sash frame and the main frame.

    Bow & Bay Windows

    California Doors and Windows Energy-Saving Bow and Bay Windows marry the elegance of classic bay windows with the performance and technology today's consumer expects from a beautiful, energy-efficient window. Featuring a number of decorative trim and shingle options, these beautiful windows are more than just windows, they are design statements that serve as centerpieces of the rooms they adorn.

    California Doors and Windows Bay and Bow Windows add a dynamic new dimension to any room. Available in Casement, Double-Hung, or Picture Window configurations, California Doors and Windows, Bay and Bow windows literally expand your room and your view.

    All Low-E Windows are NOT Created Equal

    If you're in the market for replacement windows, it's important to remember that not all low-e windows are created equal. In fact, just because a window or manufacturer has an Energy Star certification doesn't mean that the window they're trying to sell you will qualify for the federal tax credit.

    Insulation value (U-factor)

    When there is a temperature difference between inside and outside, heat is lost or gained through the window frame and glazing by the combined effects of conduction, convection, and radiation. The U-factor of a window assembly represents its insulating value.

    Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC)

     Regardless of outside temperature, heat can be gained through windows by direct or indirect solar radiation. The ability to control this heat gain through windows is measured in terms of the solar heat gain coefficient of the window.

    The SHGC is the fraction of solar radiation admitted through a window or skylight, both directly transmitted, and absorbed and subsequently released inward. It is expressed as a number between 0 and 1. The lower a window's solar heat gain coefficient, the less solar heat it transmits, and the greater it’s shading ability.

    Visible Transmittance (VT)

    Visible transmittance is an optical property that indicates the portion of in- coming visible light transmitted through the window (also referred to as visible light transmittance - VLT).

    It affects energy by providing daylight that creates the opportunity to reduce electric lighting loads and thus, indirectly, reduce cooling loads through reduced lighting use.

    Air Leakage (AL)

    Heat loss and gain also occur by air leakage through cracks in the window assembly. This effect is measured in terms of the amount of air that passes through a unit area of window under given pressure conditions. Air leakage may also contribute to summer cooling loads by raising the interior humidity level.

    Additional safety and security features include:
    • Internal glazing beads to prevent insulated glass removal from exterior
    • "Pocket" sills so burglars can't easily "jimmy" your windows opens
    • Spring-loaded night latch limiters to enable ventilation while limiting the opportunity for human ingress
    • Dual positive action (PAL) locks that automatically lock the windows when closed
    • Double-strength glass for safety, security and durability
    • Full screen tracks to securely hold your screens in place even during high winds
    • Guaranteed-for-life tilt mechanisms are made from the same material as football helmets and riot shields for maximum durability and ease of use
    • Multiple colors to match your home and decor
    • Clean-cut shadow grooves at all mitered welds that create a pleasing aesthetic architectural detail

    Characteristics and benefits of low-e glass

    Low E Coatings were first introduced by PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) and Cardinal Glass in 1983. During the next couple of decades, Low E Coatings that were directly deposited onto the glass captured the majority of the market.  Today they are still the Best tints available while dominating the industry.

    Installing energy efficient windows with low-emission (low-e) glass helps our customers to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) light and radiation entering their home. Properly installed low-e glass coatings will reduce your overall energy bills by up to a third.

    Low-e glass coatings were initially funded by the U. S. Department of Energy.  Low emissivity coating is a transparent, very thin layer of microscopic silver vacuum-deposited onto a thin layer of Mylar plastic, suspended between two layers of glass.

    Low E Coatings help reduce radiant heat along with Ultra Violet Rays therefore protecting your drapes, carpeting and furniture.

    There are two categories of Low E glass; Soft Coat and Hard Coat

    Hard Coat is a layer of indium tin oxide which is applied when the glass is still molten inside the float tank. As the glass hardens the indium tin oxide becomes part of the glass itself, as a result, the low e coatings become more durable. This type of technology is often referred to as “pyrolytic” Low E.

    Soft Coat is a thin layer of silver that is deposited onto the glass through a sputtering process after the glass has already become hardened. In warmer climates the Low E coating is installed on the inside of the outside sheet of glass, the #2 surface. In colder climates the Low E coating is installed on the inside of the inside piece of glass, the #3 surface.  Low E 2 is two layers of silver while Low E 3 is three layers of silver. The more layers of silver that is applied to the surface of the glass the better the UV (Ultra Violet) and SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Co-Efficiency) protection become.

    Cleaning & Lubrication

    How to Keep Your Windows Clean and Lubricated

    When cleaning CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS, never use any harsh chemicals, solvents or abrasive cleaners. Use Fantastic, 409 or any other non-abrasive cleaner. CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS does not endorse proprietary products or processes and makes no warranties for the products referenced herein. References to proprietary names is for illustrative purposes only, and is not intended to imply that there are not equally effective alternatives. All cleaners used must be thoroughly rinsed off and dried after use or discoloration of vinyl frames could occur.

    • Vacuum dirt and debris from sill and track areas before washing
    • Clean glass and window or door frame with a mixture of mild dish soap and water. Rinse completely with clean water and wipe dry with a soft cloth to avoid water spots.
    • Avoid washing glass in direct sunlight.
    • Never use abrasive or caustic cleaners. They can cause permanent damage to the frame finish or the glass.
    • Mild, nonabrasive soaps are usually the safest for most dirt and stain removal, but any cleaner you use should be tested in an inconspicuous area first.
    • Always rinse completely with clear water and wipe dry if possible.
    • Check to make sure drainage or “weep” holes are always clear of dirt and obstructions – both inside and outside the window or door in the bottom of the frame. Composite windows do not have weep holes. Note: If the window is “stacked,” there may be weep holes between units.
    • Clean screens by removing them, washing them on a flat, clean surface with mild soap and water and a soft brush. Then rinse, wipe dry and reinstall.
    • Windows and doors with moving parts include hardware components that should be lubricated periodically. In salt-air environments, these components require monthly lubrication.
    • After wiping clean, use a silicone spray with a non-petroleum-based propellant on door or sliding window tracks, rollers and locking hardware.

    Energy Efficiency

    The CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS family is concerned about the environment that we’ll pass along to our children and grandchildren. We work with manufacturers who are designed to maximize efficiency and reduce waste in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions and decrease our carbon footprint.

    CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS has always been dedicated to the use of energy efficient products.

    According to the U.S. government’s Energy Star program, replacing old windows wherever you are will save up to 7-15 percent on your household energy bill. By lowering your consumption you will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as your home’s carbon footprint.

    Energy Star windows, like those from CALIFORNIA DOORS AND WINDOWS can help make your home and family more comfortable throughout the year. All our windows come with a Low E coating (Low Emissivity) to help slow down the emission of radiant heat to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter; it is like a sunscreen for your home.

    Changing a window into a door

    If you are interested in changing your window into a door there are several skilled trades that you must consider before taking on the challenge. You will have to cut down and remove the existing sill there by modifying your rough opening.  Make sure that you expose and reroute any electrical wires and or plumbing pipes that may run through the wall. You will have to install an exterior light along with an interior switch to operate it. In order to reroute your electrical wires and plumbing pipes, you will have to cut holes into the drywall, therefore requiring patching, taping, texturing and painting. After you install the door you will have to build a concrete or brick Stoop to step onto.  With all of the skilled trades that are necessary to complete this project we recommend hiring a General Contractor like California Doors and Windows to handle this project for you.

    Widening your existing window or door

    Besides having to perform all the tasks to change a window into a door you will have several other obstacles that you will have to endure. Unless you are an experienced General Contractor like California Doors and Windows, we DO NOT recommend that you take on the task. All buildings are Structurally Engineered to sustain gravity, sway, hurricane, tornado and earthquake loads through their local building departments. You are required to obtain a building permit from your local building department to make any modification to your existing structure.  You are required to draw up a set of plans and have them engineered before you submit them to your local building department. Once the building department approves the plans you will now have a set of working drawings. It is the homeowners and General Contractor’s responsibility to build the modifications according to the plans. During each phase of the construction project you will have to call the local building department to set up an inspection by a building department inspector to insure that the work you have done is according to local building codes. As you can see, widening your existing rough openings properly and according to code requires an experienced General Contractor like California Doors and Windows.

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What OurClient Says

Sam & Carol

We are very pleased with our new Superior Windows. We are especially pleased with the restucco. You matched the texture and color to the existing stucco perfectly.

Mr. & Mrs. Russel Gordon

The installers were very professional and did an excellent job on the installation.

Dr. & Mrs. Spencer

We just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for doing such a great job on installing our 16 foot French sliding door, 96" picture window, and 48" double hung window. The eight foot opening on our French slider is awesome!!

Joe Vandrovec

I appreciate your professional and “no-pressure” approach from the start. I without a doubt will recommend to my friends and neighbors to use California Doors and Windows when searching to update their homes

Art Kochman

I like my windows - the appearance, the fit, the features such as safety locks, and the provision to wash the outside from the inside.

Sancy Wu

I wish to express my sincere thanks for such a great job you have recently done in installing14 windows plus two 8’ sliding doors at our house. The contract was drafted and signed shortly after we gave Mike the details of what we wanted. The price Mike quoted beat the others we looked at earlier. I felt the deal was done in a professional and practical manner with no wasted time.

Clifferd R. Helwig

Your company’s professionalism is greatly appreciated. Be assured that I will most certainly call you again for future jobs. Again, thank you.

Norman Lefebvre

I must say that I have dealt with many contractors during my working life, but never had I seen such teamwork as your people. The work was done in a top notch professional manner, very knowledgeable, effective, timely, and extremely clean and to say the least just a group of hard working guys.

John and Barbara Huber

Their workmanship and quality of product was outstanding and completed as quoted. All terms and conditions agreed to were honored and the installation ran right on schedule.

Louise Peraza

Thank you for all you have done for me. You take the sting out of doing business with dirty contractors

Ann & Gabe Ramirez

Just a note to let you know how great our new windows are. By putting those windows in, we lowered the temperature in our loft by 12-15 degrees. What a difference! I also wanted to thank you for the prompt service. It’s nice to see the quality work of the past still being done.

Julie & Bill Hinkley

We love the way the cement patio was done. Several of our neighbors have given compliments since. It looks great! We are completely and totally impressed with the quality of work put into it.

Ed Petucka

Mike was easy to work with and fair when it came to problems as the work progressed. He also followed up well when problems occurred with subcontractor’s work. I would recommend Mike for any home remodeling that you may need.

Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Wingert

The installation was fast, clearly professional and we were most favorably impressed when we noted the frequent use of a portable vacuum to pick up the debris left from the removal of each aluminum window. Our experience with California Doors and Windows was a complete success.

Jeanne Kressler

I am very pleased with the windows you installed. The rooms are so much lighter and brighter and cooler too in this heat. I no longer have to be concerned about fading color in rugs and furniture. Since I moved here a year ago, I’ve make numerous improvements but the new windows have added the most in comfort and attractiveness.

Winston B. Whittemore

Every crew member was cooperative and performed in a professional manner. I especially appreciated the thorough clean up upon completion of the patio.

Sally Bencangey (Rancho Bernardo)

I wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful work you did on our door installation. Your work and service was very professional, I would gladly recommend you to any of my friends.

Joanne Collora

The seven vinyl windows your company installed in our house are beautiful...I highly recommend your company to all my friends and family. If we need any other home improvements, we will be sure to contact your firm.

A. J. & Linda Johnson

We love our new tile roof, and the custom windows & patio doors thru out our home.

Jeffrey J. Dicks

I can’t thank you and your crew enough for such skillful, courteous and dependable work. I will be forwarding photographs of the beautiful windows, French door with side lights, and French door that your company has supplied and installed for us in our home. The pictures cannot illustrate the beauty and craftsmanship that we enjoy everyday thanks to your service.

Deborah F. Boice

My husband and I would like to thank you and your Father for the wonderful job you did converting our master bedroom retreat into a bedroom for our new baby. The job was done in an efficient and timely manner with minimal disruption to our family. The end result was a nice addition to our home.

John and Barbara Huber

Their workmanship and quality of product was outstanding and completed as quoted. All terms and conditions agreed to were honored and the installation ran right on schedule.

Frayda and Igal Mimon

Your work was done in a timely and efficient manner. You were prompt in returning calls, showing up for appointments and your installers were most courteous. All in all, we couldn’t have been more pleased once the job was completed.

Spencer Pablo

The service I received from your company was amazing. I have worked with many contractors, but working with your Company was the best experience.

Elayne P Bendel

Although I bought the windows primarily for the heat and UV protection, I am even more thrilled with their appearance. The quality of the product is excellent. Even with the hot summer we’ve had, the windows have cut down the interior heat quite a bit. I would certainly recommend these windows and your company to my friends and neighbors.

Patricia Lindquist

I recently had California Doors and Windows plan and install a patio door in my Banker's Hill condo. I highly appreciated the work, beginning with arriving promptly for the estimate, measuring, and ordering of the door which was delivered exactly as planned.

Dianne Lohan

The windows turned out beautiful and the attention to detail and cleanliness was appreciated.

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gordon

The installers were very professional and did an excellent job on the installation.

Hugh and Joanne Armstrong

We would like to thank you for the great job that you and your employees did in installing the new windows and sliding doors in our home. The installation was done in a very professional manner and the two bay windows look like they were put in the same time the house was built. Your overall excellent contractor skills are evident in your work.